We constantly seek new ways to strengthen our relationships with local farmers. In early 2016, we took that passion a step further and constructed our very own urban farm. This exciting project aims to bring you, our customer, even closer to the Atwater’s foods you already know and love.

The urban farm represents our mission to provide fresh, wholesome food to Baltimore, and serves as a reminder of how interconnected we all are to the natural world; from the honeybees that pollinate our heirloom tomatoes, to the hands of our farmer Anthony who cultivates the vegetables found in your meal. We invite you to share our bounty and experience the true meaning of farm to table.


The organic vegetables grown at Atwater's farm help make the soups, salads, and sandwiches at our locations even better. The difference is in the taste, and in the support provided to our own sustainable Baltimore City farm. Next time you're eating at Atwater's, enjoy each bite knowing the vegetables cultivated for your enjoyment are building a more sustainable community in Baltimore!


Our organically-grown herbs on The Atwater's farm provide our soups, breads, and specialty dishes with quality seasoning. Herbs such as mint, tarragon, thyme and more enhance the diverse flavors of our food, without compromising the ecological integrity of our food. 


Atwater's and the Samaritan Women Farm. Write-up here: