All cold quarts of soup are 10% off all month

It’s Soup Month at Atwater’s! All January long we are excited to bring you fun soup-related contests and events. 


Sip-a-Staff Soup and we will donate!

Our staff is also excited to bring to you some of their favorite soups. All month, we’ll be soliciting soup recipes from our staff. The winning recipes will be featured on our menu for everyone to enjoy. We’ll collect submissions from the entire company and chose one from each location as our winner! Look for the winners’ names on the menu next to their chosen soup. Along with sipping a staff soup, we will also be donating and sharing $1 from each staff soup sale to local charities that focus on food education and access in Baltimore. So, while you’re supporting our staff you’re also supporting the Baltimore community! Can it get much better?

            Join us for Soup Month! Earn bonus reward points, sip a soup for a good cause, grab a good deal on some soup to go, and enjoy the flavors of chili!


Chili Week January 16th through the 22nd.     

That means all chili menus all the time! We’ll have vegan chili, beef chili, bean chili, spaghetti chili, seafood chili, and more. Our soup chefs have been researching and carefully testing chili recipes from all over the country to bring to you. If you’re not normally a chili fan, cast away your doubts and give one a try! We promise you’ll find something on our menu that will knock your chili-skeptical socks off.

Atwater's App Points for Pictures!

Throughout the month we are running an App Hashtag Rewards event! Use the hashtag #AtwatersSoup on Instagram or Twitter with a picture of our soup and we will add 5 points to your app profile!

Our Fruitcake Has Returned!

Fruitcake season is upon us! Find the best fruitcake in Baltimore at Atwater's. You might be thinking that "best fruitcake" is an oxymoron; fruitcake is often cast out as a holiday reject, an object of scorn, a cake undeserving of love. But our fruitcake is different. Our fruitcake takes weeks to craft. Our fruitcake is the kind of pastry you bring straight to the host at holiday gatherings, instead of casually dropping it at the buffet table. Our fruitcake is a centerpiece, no, a masterpiece!
What makes our fruitcake so exceptional you ask? Organic flour. Local butter and eggs. Candied fruit from a family-owned confectionery in Switzerland. Classic dark Jamaican rum. Baked in Baltimore.
Respect the fruitcake.

Our fruitcake comes in 3 sizes. We recommend the large size for yourself and the smaller sizes for loved ones. ;)

Our fruitcake comes in 3 sizes. We recommend the large size for yourself and the smaller sizes for loved ones. ;)

Make this Thanksgiving a memorable, wholesome feast with our traditional, delicious foods. Save time this year by pre-ordering the holiday essentials from Atwater's. Some items sell out quickly, so place your order today, using the form below. For your convenience, all orders must be fully paid at the time of order

Click the button above to download our form. After that, just print the form, fill it out and turn it in to any of our six locations!


             It’s that time of the summer; the time when the ground grows those delicious red gems known as farm fresh tomatoes. At Atwater’s our menus strive to feature the best in local food which means tomatoes only appear on our menus when the farmers have them. We’re excited to partner with farmers to source the very best tomatoes Maryland can offer. Combine those local tomatoes with our bread and other fine ingredients and you have sandwich heaven

            The first sandwich added to our summer lineup is the Tomato Mozzarella. This vegetarian delight is made with local DiPasquale’s mozzarella, local tomatoes, Atwater’s Farm basil, gardinaire, garlic mayonnaise, and black pepper on our Ciabatta. The second sandwich is the Vegetarian Greek made with zucchini, local tomatoes, marinated cucumbers, red onion, feta olive spread, and lettuce on our Ciabatta. And last but certainly not least, the crown jewel of the summer lineup, the B.A.L.T. This sandwich features North Country bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayonnaise on toasted Country White bread.


Pull up a patio chair and enjoy one of these great summer sandwiches before they’re gone! 

Fresno Pepper Hot Sauce

            Now introducing Atwater’s own hot sauce! We are pleased to share our new Fresno Pepper Hot Sauce with our customers. It gets its name from the deliciously spicy fresno peppers that we carefully selected for our hot sauce. Fresno peppers are right around the jalapeno pepper on the Scoville Scale. Fermentation captures the flavor of the peppers but also preserves the nutritional benefits. Jenny, who also makes our jam and pickles, prepares the fresno peppers and then combines them with sea salt and herb infused organic apple cider vinegar. She then puts them in pottery made locally by Beaumont Pottery to begin our traditional two week fermentation process. Fermentation captures the flavor of the peppers but also preserves the nutritional benefits. After the blend has successfully fermented for two weeks it is strained and bottled. The result is a spicy kick with unique herb notes. Goes great with our chicken salad, egg sandwiches, nachos, grilled cheeses, rice dishes, and more! Look for it on our shelves and our tables.

The Legendary Turkey Jack

         One of the most iconic sandwiches on any Atwater's menu is the Turkey Jack. The Turkey Jack seems like an unlikely fan favorite. Served on Raisin Pumpernickel bread it is often met with a bit of trepidation from the customer. The idea of slightly spicy pepper jack cheese with roasted turkey on a bread that has hints of sweetness and golden raisins can be intimidating. We understand, sometimes we can be intimidated as well. I myself must confess that it took years before I stopped substituting white bread for the classic Raisin Pumpernickel. 

          But then a change happened. I ordered the Turkey Jack without alteration and was simply transported. Transported to a place of deliciousness and heavenly delight. The smooth avocado was punctuated by the kick of the pepper jack cheese. The coleslaw combined with the roasted turkey and crisp lettuce for a texture profile so perfect I didn't even need my customary side of potato chips. And the bread. The Raisin Pumpernickel bread that for years made me a skeptic has now made me a believer. A believer that a bread with subtle notes of coffee and raisins can be the perfect vessel for a turkey sandwich.

            Don't just take my word for it, visit any Atwater’s location to try one today.