Thanksgiving brings family, friends and neighbors together to spend time and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! The holiday is approaching, getting close and near. Don’t worry... don’t stress… we have plans for another perfect year.

Let Atwater’s be your right hand this Thanksgiving to help prepare a memorable, wholesome feat. Save time by pre-ordering holiday essentials! Our list of featured items include soups, sides, desserts, bread and more!

Orders can be made in store or online. Pick up your order form from one of our 6 locations throughout Baltimore or place your order online. All orders must be placed by Sunday, November 19th.

Throughout November we are offering sampling weekends! Each weekend we are offering featured items from the Thanksgiving order form. Samples will be available at all Atwater’s locations. We encourage our guests to stop in and try our complimentary samples. View our sampling schedule here.

Love what you sampled? Simply fill out our Thanksgiving order form, and we will handle the rest!

Atwater's 7-Apple Butter

The colors of Fall pop from the trees, the air turns to a cool crisp breeze and the smell of apples fill the air, or at least the kitchen! As Fall arrives here at Atwater’s, we begin making our handmade Apple Butter. This year, we are featuring all Maryland apples!

Our apples were harvested from the Baltimore Orchard Project and Black Rock Orchard! Each and every apple in your jar was grown right here in Maryland; about seven apples per jar, to be exact.

Each apple is unique in its own way, each with its own job. Some ensure a sweet finish, while others provide a hint of tartness. We received four kinds of apples from Black Rock Orchard in Lineboro, Maryland. The common apples, Golden Delicious and Liberty Apples are used for their tartness and original flavor. Fresh Jonathan apples are used for their sweetness and sharp balance. And the Smokehouse Apple is used for its fresh cider flavor.

The apples from the Baltimore Orchard Project are the Roxbury Russet, Maiden Blush and Ohio Nonpareil. Our partnership with Baltimore based groups is very important to us! The Baltimore Orchards Project provides Charm City with fresh food and an opportunity to learn what our city has to offer! The Roxbury Russet is a cultivar apple, believed to be the oldest cultivated in the United States! The Maiden Blush is perfect for cooking, dessert, and ciders! It has a pale-yellow skin with a crimson blush and a sharp acidic flavor. Ohio Nonpareils have a fresh and sweet flavor that adds a perfect flavor to our Apple Butter.

Every batch is made the traditional way by hand, in small batches in the French preserve style using a traditional jam pot and local apples. First, we combine and cook the apples to make applesauce (skin and all). Afterwards, we strain each batch, add organic sugar and spices, then it’s off to the oven. The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to baking. Once the perfect caramelization is met, each batch is pulled from the oven, and hand jarred.

Looking to add a new flavor to the table? Our Apple Butter is perfect, as a side, condiment or even solo. The sweet, yet somewhat tangy and always rich flavor will enhance your holiday cheese plate, or add a new flavor profile to any meat selection.

Halloween Treats!

We simply couldn’t decide between trick or treat, so we went with both. Plenty of tricks and treats for all! Get in the Halloween spirit with our homemade spooky treats. They are delicious and simply boo-tiful!

This year, we are featuring five Halloween treats: Witches Fingers, Halloween cheesecake, Frankenstein cakes, sugar cookies and brain cupcakes. Each has its own unique design, perfect to put us all in the Halloween spirit! Each treat is better than the next- perfect for parties, school events, the office, or just snacking at home!

Our terror-ific Witches Fingers are a traditional shortbread cookie with almonds and raspberry jam. They are delicious and definitely terrifying. Sure to spook any party guest, our brain cupcakes are essential for a Halloween gathering- a moist chocolate cupcake topped with a creamy icing and dipped in raspberry jam. Enjoy our  homemade brain cupcakes with friends and family. It’s a no brainer!

For a less frightful dessert, we are offering homemade pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate icing and decadent sugar cookies. Our last treat features a monster we all know so well- Frankenstein. Under the icing lies a delicious chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling and topped with a chocolate ganache.

Stop by Atwater’s for your Halloween treats! Eat, drink and be scary. Happy haunting!


Atwater’s jam was named Best in Baltimore!

We’re so proud to be taking home the gold for “Best Jam” in this year’s Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore! Endless hard work and dedication at the Big Kitchen made it all possible. We couldn’t be happier!

Our jams are an incredible addition to any breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack. Each of our jams is handmade at our Big Kitchen. Each batch of our homemade jam is unique in its own way.

Jenny is head of our jam department, she works hard to ensure each batch is made traditionally and with the freshest ingredients possible. Using a traditional French preserve copper jam pot, Jenny prepares the fruit through maceration. On the second day, the liquid is strained and cooked down. Pectin, the jams firming agent is homemade at The Big Kitchen and added to the jam mixture. The jam is then cooked to set. Once the jam is perfectly sweet, Jenny carefully hand fills each and every jar! Our homemade jam is shelf stable for at least a year! Once opened, it's recommended to be kept refrigerated for up to a month.


Best of Baltimore Jam.jpg

To ensure freshness, we use local fruit and organic when it’s available to us! With the combination of fresh ingredients, a traditional process, hard work and all of Baltimore we were able to be the recipients of this great award! Thank you to Charm City, Baltimore Magazine and all of the helping hands who made this possible!

Cornhole and Tap Takeover For a Cause!

Summer nights call for outside games and cold beer. Atwater’s Canton is answering that call with a Cornhole Tournament and Tap Takeover! Grab your friends for a night of fun and head to Canton Crossing! Earn your bragging rights with prizes from the cornhole competition.

The Tap Takeover will be featuring one of Maryland's best, Flying Dog Brewery. The first Flying Dog Brewpub was founded in Aspen, Colorado in 1990. Then turned to a full-fledged Denver brewery in 1994, and now to the brewing factory in Frederick, Maryland! We are excited to pair with one of Maryland's best breweries!

All ticket proceeds will be donated to Back on My Feet Baltimore. The organization runs across the nation in 12 major cities from coast to coast. Since their launch, in 2007, they have served more than 6,000 individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The Baltimore sector helps individuals right here in Charm City!

Working with local partners and organizations is one of Atwater’s founding principles. Keep it local. Purchase your tickets for a fun night and a great cause!

Click HERE to purchase tickets! 

Tomato sandwiches have arrived!

Summer time at Atwater’s means fresh fruits and veggies are growing on our Big Kitchen Farm. Our latest harvest is our homegrown tomatoes! Our farmer, Anthony, is hard at work in our Greenhouses growing and harvesting tomatoes that go right into our menus. 

We have three delicious sandwiches for our summer lineup. Whatever your preference, I’m sure you’ll find one you love. The first sandwich is the Tomato Mozzarella. This vegetarian delight is made with DiPasquale’s mozzarella, local tomatoes, Big Kitchen Farm basil and lettuce, gardinaire, garlic mayonnaise, on our homemade Ciabatta. The second sandwich is the Vegetarian Greek, made with zucchini, local tomatoes, marinated cucumbers, red onion, feta olive spread, and Big Kitchen Farm lettuce on our country white. And last but certainly not least, the crown jewel of summer sandwiches, the BALT. This sandwich features Applewood smoked bacon, Big Kitchen Farm lettuce and tomato, avocado, and garlic mayonnaise on our homemade country white.

Take your pick at one of the three sandwiches. Can't choose? Try all three! Stop by Atwater’s today and sink your teeth into a fresh and traditional sandwich. Don’t wait too long, this summer lineup won’t be here forever!

Summer Jam!

Nothing goes better with summer sun and good company than delicious food to share. Here at Atwater’s, we offer a unique selection of homemade jams with an ever-growing list of seasonal fruits. Our jams are an incredible addition to any breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack. Each of our jams is handmade made at our Big Kitchen in Baltimore.

We keep our food local and fresh and we make no exception with our jams! Our new jams feature serviceberries, also known as Juneberries or saskatoons. Serviceberry is a fruit native to the Americas that resemble blueberries but have a reddish color. The berries have a taste similar to a mixture of blueberries and strawberries. They become ripe in June and are picked from small trees. Where are these trees you might ask? These trees can actually be found right here in Baltimore!

Atwater’s partners with Baltimore based groups to help source our products. Our serviceberries come from the Baltimore Orchards Project. Through planting and cultivating orchards, teaching and sharing their harvest, the Baltimore Orchard Project provides Charm City with fresh food and a chance to learn what orchards have to offer.

Jenny, our jam expert, has been hard at work in the Big Kitchen preparing for our new jam. To make the perfect batch, Jenny and our jam team start with a mixture of fresh fruits, then, using a traditional copper jam pot, they macerate the fruit with sugar overnight. The next day they simmer the fruit in its juice until it’s jam. Jars are carefully hand filled and sent out to locations.

Each batch of our homemade jam is unique in its own way. Be it Strawberry Serviceberry, Mixed Berry or Strawberry Rhubarb Serviceberry, Atwater’s homemade jam is a must have summer treat.