Mardi Gras!

          Fat Tuesday is upon us! That means it's time for the delicious tri-colored delight that is the King Cake. King Cakes are a traditional Mardi Gras dessert that marks the final day of indulgence before Lent begins. The cakes are garnished with traditional Mardi Gras colors; purple, green, and gold. Purple is for justice, green is for faith, and gold is for power. The King Cakes also typically contain a small trinket, in our case a toy baby. Whoever gets the baby in their slice of cake is declared king or queen for the day. He or she is also tasked with hosting the party next year so that the festivities may continue! 

        Stop in to any Atwater's location to pick up your King Cake. Sold in both small and large sizes there's no reason not to indulge! Snow in the forecast means all the more reason to stock up on cake. 


Canton Couples' Brunch

            Do you and your significant other like brunch? Do you like amazing deals that let you celebrate your feelings without breaking your bank? Lastly, do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day with food made from scratch, wonderful service, and great atmosphere? Of course you do.  Head over to Canton Atwater’s on Valentine’s Day for a delicious couples’ brunch. The meal will be a prix fixe menu style with three categories; drink, entrée, and dessert. $30 for both of you. Now that’s a deal! You can still go out to your fancy dinner with that deal.

            No reservations necessary, which makes this the perfect event for a casual morning. We look forward to seeing you February 14th! 

Valentine's Day

            It’s that time of year again. The time when pink and red are the colors of the hour and everything seems to come in a heart shape from chocolate to pizza to pancakes. And what a beautiful time it is! Valentine’s Day fever has hit Atwater’s. It’s officially February and it’s time to let those heart shaped cookies loose.

        Stop in to any location to sample our delicious Valentine’s Day offerings. Whether you’re buying for yourself, your special someone, your office, your friend, or your mailman there’s something for everyone! Grab a bag of sugar cookies and be the office favorite. Or bring home a Chocolate Couple’s Cake and indulge in a delicious dessert for two. Maybe your roommate has had a long week and you want to lighten the mood with a Sweet Heart iced cookie. Perhaps you just want to treat yourself. There’s no wrong way to spread the love.

            Happy Valentine’s Day from Atwater’s!

Sip a Staff Soup

            As part of soup month we asked our staff from all across the company to submit their favorite soup recipes or ideas. We selected winners from each location, seven total, to have their soups featured on our daily menu January 18th-31st. Look for their names on the menu! In addition to sharing their recipes, we will donate and share $1 from each staff soup sale with the Renaissance Academy Food Pantry and the Tench Tilghman Elementary and Middle School Reading Program. Support our staff and the community for Soup Month!

            The winning soup selections are:

            Elliot of Canton, Noodle Soup.

            Peter of the Big Kitchen, Bun bo Nam Bo.

            Michelle of Kenilworth, Italian Wedding Soup.

            Kalista of Catonsville, Kalista’s Greens n Beans Soup.

            Peggy of Belvedere Square, Chicken and Dumpling.

            Kristen of Falls Road, Breakfast Soup.

            Connor of Hopkins, Eastern Shore Shrimp & Corn Bisque.

            Look for these names on our menus for the next two weeks! 

New Sandwiches

The Atwater’s Turkey Dill Havarti Sandwich is back! Dill Havarti might not sound familiar and that’s because it hasn’t seen an Atwater’s menu in almost three years! Every once and awhile we like to go back in our archives and resurrect an “oldie but goodie”. And the Turkey Dill Havarti sure is a goodie. This turkey sandwich combines oven-roasted turkey, crisp apples, horseradish coleslaw, dill havarti cheese, lettuce, and basil mayonnaise on our Irish Brown bread. Our turkey comes from Plainville turkey which specializes in turkey that is all natural. You won’t find any MSG, nitrates, gluten, growth hormones, or any other unnatural substance in this turkey. The only ingredients are water, salt, and turkey. We are proud to serve only the best deli meats and cheeses. This sandwich also features local apples to support our community of producers. From one side of bread to the other, this sandwich is a homemade farm-to-table masterpiece.

            The other sandwich joining our menus is the Banh Mi. Unlike the Turkey Dill Havarti this is an Atwater’s classic. Staff and customers alike count down the days for the return of this delicious vegetarian gem. Served on our Ciabatta, our Banh Mi starts with lemongrass tofu that we marinate and roast ourselves at the Big Kitchen. We then add carrot and daikon salad and crunchy cucumbers. For a final kick of flavor we finish the Banh Mi with our own sriracha mayonnaise. This gives the sandwich that spice but it does not overpower the natural flavors from the other ingredients. A vegetarian dream that suits all taste buds.

            Stop in and enjoy or grab either of these new additions to go! 

Forage for Soup Ingredients

Have you started playing our Soup Foraging Game yet? Similar to the Powerball, this game is exciting but with better odds to win! And who doesn’t like to win.

Here’s how you play:

1.      Go to any Atwater’s location

2.      Pick up your very own Soup Foraging scorecard

3.      Have some soup while dining in

4.      If you find any of the 16 special ingredients on the Foraging card in your soup have your server punch the corresponding ingredient

5.      Unsure if you’ve found an ingredient? Feel free to ask your server to confirm. We love talking to our customers about our soup!

6.      Then repeat!

Once you have all 16 ingredients punched turn your card into your server for your prize! The prize this year is a one-of-a-kind Atwater’s t-shirt. With only about 75 in existence, these shirts are a rare gem. Show off your love for good food as you walk around Baltimore in this unique piece of apparel. We promise you’ll feel like $1.5 billion bucks!

Chili Week

            The weather has gotten cold, football playoffs are under way, and New Year’s diet resolutions are beginning to falter. That can only mean one thing; it’s time for chili.

            Yes as part of soup month Atwater’s is having a week of chili. All chili, all the time. Vegan chili, beef chili, bean chili, potato chili, spicy chili, mild chili, BBQ chili, spaghetti chili, and much more! We’ve got chili with mac & cheese on top, chili with shrimp, chili with chocolate, chili with peanuts. There is a chili for everyone’s taste. Read on to learn about some of the exciting varieties we will be featuring!           

            Cincinnati Four Way Chili: This is an interesting chili that features spaghetti. The “ways” refer to the different methods of layering. For example our Four Way Chili has spaghetti, red beans, onions, and cheese. Two Way Chili is simply the spaghetti topped with chili. Cincinnati Chili also has a unique spice flavor profile. The spices include cinnamon and chocolate which gives it a slightly sweeter flavor than traditional chilis. While this chili may seem like a crazy distant cousin to your classic chili, it is a truly delicious experience that all chili enthusiasts should try at least once.

            Chimayo Chili: Its name comes from the a town in New Mexico that grows incredible peppers that in turn make incredibile chili powder. One of our chefs at the Big Kitchen, Nona, has been to Chimayo and sourced the chili powder to use in this chili. Chimayo chiles are a native seed that have been around for hundreds of years. These chiles are not overwhelmingly hot and have a good balance of spice and smoke.

            Chili Mac: This combines two all-time favorites; chili and mac & cheese. Our traditional chili but with creamy and rich mac and cheese on top. As the cheese melts into the soup this delectable bowl gets even richer. This is the perfect chili for a brisk day when all you really want is a nice hot bowl of comfort food.

            Mardi Gras Chili: Mardi Gras chili gets its name from, you guessed it, the traditional colors and spirit of Mardi Gras. Purple, green, and yellow colors are featured prominently in this chili. These vibrant colors come from yellow beets, scarlet runner beans, eggplant, hominy, and more! And for all those dairy and meat conscious soup lovers out there, this chili is vegan.

            Honky Tonk Chili: This chili gets a little funky but is totally delicious. With sausage, beef, and turkey this is a meat lovers’ chili. This is the kind of chili that you feast upon at the end of a long day to fuel up, kick back, and relax. If you really want to get in the mood turn your radio dial to an old country station and enjoy.

            Don’t miss out! Chili Week ends on January 17th.

It's Soup Month!

            It’s Soup Month at Atwater’s! All January long we are excited to bring you fun soup-related contests and events. As usual, all cold quarts of soup are 10% off all month. Throughout the month of January we are running a Soup Foraging Event! Much like a scavenger hunt, players are tasked with finding 16 special ingredients in our soups. As they find each ingredient their scorecard will have the corresponding ingredient punched. Once all 16 are punched you win an exclusive Atwater’s soup month t-shirt! These are a limited edition run of 100 shirts made for good food enthusiasts like you!

           We are also having a Chili Week January 11th through 17th. That means all chili menus all the time! We’ll have vegan chilis, beef chilis, bean chilis, spaghetti chilis, seafood chilis, and more. Our soup chefs have been excitedly researching and testing chili recipes from all over the country to bring to you. If you’re not normally a chili fan cast away your doubts and dive into the chili anyway! We promise you’ll find something on our menu that will knock your chili-skeptical socks off.

            Our staff is also excited to bring to you some of their favorite soups. Between January 18th and 31st our menus will feature soups submitted by our staff members. We collected submissions from all across the company and chose one from each location as our winner! Look for the winners’ names on the menu next to their chosen soup. Along with sipping a staff soup, we will also be donating and sharing $1 from each staff soup sale with the Renaissance Academy Food Pantry and the Tench Tilghman Elementary and Middle School Reading Program. So while you’re supporting our staff you’re also supporting the Baltimore community! Can it get much better?

            So join us for Soup Month! Forage for ingredients, sip a soup for a good cause, grab a good deal on some soup to go, and enjoy the flavors of chili!